Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Scalia is toast, beautifully done

If you dislike Scalia and his women hating, anti-freedom, faux-Xtian mentality, you'll appreciate this story:


Free market at its best.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fox Caught Out by GOPer

Fair and balanced right?  Wrong!


Even Laura Knows Li'l Brother Jeb is Stupid

 Quote of note:

"You have to have someone who says "I'm a Republican but i'm not an idiot!  I'm not stupid!  I mean, I'm a conservative and I learn from the past and I improve myself.  I don't bring in the same people who made the same STUPID decisions in the 2000's to get us into the 21st century, the next part of the 21st century, I should say."  So come on."

 See her rant about this here:


GOP Hypocrisy Fingered

Sort of an unfortunate headline, but I love the dripping hypocrisy in the background.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oklahoma Idiocy Takes A Hit

Good work and clever thinking on display here;



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#47Traitors Backlash.

These idiots had no clue as to the consequences of such infantile actions. These 47 should be tried for treason and headed for the firing squad. What a media circus that would be.


Maher Speaks Truth to Powerful Media Interests

His comments resonate with me. I especially like the term infantile!!